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    Tree Farm Growth.

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    Forest History Society

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    Reforestation at Clemons Tree Farm, Rock Creek

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    Pacific Northwest Tree Farms

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    Caption 1: This photograph made in 1941 shows cut-over and burned-over land in Grays Harbor County, Washington. This was typical of the area brought under careful management when the Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. dedicated the Clemons Tree Farm near Montesano, Washington. The Tree Farm program, now coordinated nationally by American Forest Products Industries, has spread to every corner of the United States. Caption 2: Typical road on the Clemons Tree Farm. The complete system will have about 170 miles, many of them converted logging railroad grades. Snags show evidence of earlier fires. Many such snags have been removed; more will be removed as developments are made. Caption 3: Alert fire wardens and rangers during the fire season keep busy 24 hours a day protecting forest areas. This pickup truck carries a hose and pump for emergency fire fighting use. Note the blackened snags, reminders of an earlier fire, that jut out from the crop of new Douglas fir. Caption 4: Three contrasting photos of the Rock Creek area on the Clemons Tree Farm show the amazing rapidity with which good forest land will produce a natural crop of young trees. Trees left after logging provided the seed source for the reproduction. An effective management program provided the area protection from fire, insects and disease. The first photograph was taken in 1941 -- the year the Clemons Tree Farm was dedicated. Subsequent pictures were taken from the same spot in 1951 and 1956. Note how the growth is overtaking the snags in the background.

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    Brown, Kenneth S.

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